The results of the Visegrad Local Press Awards

Dear Friends,
We are pleased to announce the results of the Visegrad Local Press Awards!

1. Local politics and institutions
Filip Titlbach – The School Principal had to explain the circumstances of the lecture

2. Local economy
Roman Wolek – Shocked with Cheap Electricity

3. Local social problems, incl. the problems encountered by minorities and the marginalized groups
Małgorzata Lichecka – Gift of Daria

4. Local history, culture and heritage
Klara Seinhauser – From the memoirs of the expelled

5. The influence of the European integration on a local community
Milan Hloušek – Pavel Poc: Czech eurosception is a deadly disease.

6. Best photo
Remigiusz Koneczka – Strongman with a child

7. The Visegrad Prize
Petr Krňávek – Opening of borders people rather praise. Even after five years

The post-contest publication containing all nominated texts can be downloaded HERE!

Thank you for participating in the contest!

26 September 2013