ART. 1

The organizer of the journalism contest “Visegrad Local Press Award”, hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”, is the Press Club Polska (the “Organizer”) with its registered office at ul.
Krakowskie Przedmieście 64, 00-322 Warsaw. The Contest is held in cooperation with the
following partners from the member states of the Visegrad Group:
• Syndikát novinářů České republiky with its registered office in Prague at Senovážné
náměstí 23, 110 00 Prague 1 (the representative of the Czech Republic);
• Slovenský syndikát novinárov, Župné námestie 7, 815 68 Bratislava (the
representative of Slovakia);
• Magyar Újságírók Országos Szövetsége (MÚOSZ) with its registered office in 1064
Budapest at Vörösmarty u. 47 / A (the representive of Hungary).
The Contest is co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund as part of the Strategic Grants
Programme 2012/2013.

ART. 2

The basic aim of the Contest is to strengthen the relationships between the countries
belonging to the Visegrad Group and disseminate knowledge of local communities,
culture, heritage and economy as well as the influence of the European integration on
local communities in the member states of V4. This objective is to be attained by carrying
out a journalism contest focused on these issues, which will help to introduce into public
discourse the topics related to the everyday life of the four neighbouring countries in Central
Europe (i.e. the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia), open the channels of
communication and cooperation between the local media, foster their exchange of experience
and provide them with a source of inspiration.


The participants may be:
• journalists publishing in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland in
regional periodicals, local supplements to national editions of newspapers or the
Internet editions;
• independent authors & media/news creators describing local events;
The Award may be granted only to a natural person;
The Award is not given to editorial offices and legal persons;

ART. 4

From among the entrants, seven Contest winners will be selected, one for each of the
following categories:

  • Local politics and institutions
  • Local economy
  • Local social problems, incl. the problems encountered by minorities and the marginalized groups
  • Local history, culture, heritage
  • Influence of the European integration on a local community
  • The best photograph published in the local press

The Contest Committee will award a separate Visegrad Prize for the text which promotes the
relations between the member states of V4, presents the shared challenges and solutions.

ART. 5

The conditions of participation in the Contest:
• To submit an entry online through the application form available on the Web site One author can present a maximum of three articles in the
whole competition and no more than one text for one category. The subject matter must
correspond to the description of the category.
• The text can neither be shorter than 3,000 characters nor longer than 7,200 characters. At
the same time articles published as longer pieces may be abridged by the author.
• The texts published in 2011, 2012 or 2013 are accepted for the Contest.
• Only the articles printed in regional periodicals, local supplements to national editions or
the Internet edition will be accepted for the Contest.
• An article may be entered for the Contest exclusively using the application form at the
Contest Internet page.
• An article may include photos or illustrations.
• The submitted articles should be written in Polish, Czech, Slovak or Hungarian.

ART. 6

The Contest will be held in compliance with the following schedule:
• 25 January 2013 – Announcement of the Contest; Entries are now being accepted;
• 25 March 2013 – Deadline for accepting entries;
• till 25 April 2013 – Announcement of national nominations: three articles in each
• till 25 June 2013 – Ceremonial announcement of the Contest winners in the registered
office of the Press Club in Warsaw;
The Organizer reserves the right to introduce changes in the above schedule. Any and all
changes to the schedule will be posted in advance on the Web site of the Contest and the

ART. 7

The selection of the winning entries in the separate categories shall take place in two stages:
• at the first, “national” stage, each partner organization will nominate three texts written in
their national language for each category;
• the nominated articles will be translated into English. All nominated texts will
be published on the Web site of the project and in the project materials, incl. the

At the second stage, the Contest Committee will select winners for each of the six
different categories and, additionally, it will award the Visegrad Prize for one article
chosen from among all the nominated texts;

The winners in six separate categories will become those authors who will receive the greatest
number of the votes cast by Committee members participating in a vote. The Committee shall
comprise four representatives from each competing country: journalists and people involved
in a social and cultural life.

ART. 8

The Organizer covers the winners’ board and lodging costs as well as travel expenses incurred
in connection with their trip to Warsaw in order to participate in the Awards Gala. The
winners will receive the copies of the proceedings and will be invited to speak in the debate
“Local problems, Visegrád solutions” held during the Gala in Warsaw.

ART. 9

Each entrant is obliged to tick the box where appropriate under his/her entry in the application
form to give his/her consent for processing his/her personal data for the purposes of the
Contest and grant permission to publish the submitted articles at the Web page of the Contest
and include the article in the potential proceedings.